'The Girls' is a serie of paintings I made about strong and sensitive girls.


People who can feel deeply (also called highly sensitive persons) are often misunderstood by the world around them. Sensitivity can be used as a strength but is often not seen like this. Rather as a weakness. Deeply sensed emotions can lead to beautiful art, like: music, films, dance, paintings and other kinds of expressions. Can you imagine a world without that?

We have to embrace these emotions.. I think.. and use them to create and connect with ourselves and others. Make life more beautiful.


I also like to express that emotions are like nature. Intense and wild sometimes, but also temporary in her states. Little children are more free to express how they feel and we can accept that. Why do we stop to express our emotions at a certain age? Is that what adult-life is about? What are we ashamed of?


We are not only a piece of nature, we carry nature in us as well.

I can see tears like the rain pooring down. Although that might feel bad, it can also be very refreshing afterwards. And why is laughter accepted but expressions of anger and sadness not?

With these portraits I like to show the world within. I tried to balance things out. The girls don't scream and shout but if you look closely there is a whole world to discover in these portraits.

There is grieve and happiness, love but also rage.


I carry it all in me. Do you? I guess that's human.


I guess.. that's life. Enjoy!

love Natalia