I love
creating and discovering the beauty of life..
I like to make my work exciting in every detail, but also to let every part fit in the whole. So when you look closely, you will discover little compositions in the bigger picture. To make this happen requires zooming in and zooming out while creating; to lose yourself in the material, but also to detach from it and see how it works from a distance. This process can be a struggle and a blessing at the same time. Sometimes even theraphy-like..
I am proud to present to you the results in authenthic artpieces you can find here on this website. Ejoy!

Please feel free to contact me, if you like to receive more info about an artpiece, a workshop or for DJing.

Natalia Romero


Through creating
I try to comprehend life and come to the essence of it. I work with multiple disciplines. Such as painting, drawing, video/film and lately I also started DJ-ing.
‘Movement’ is one of the main characteristics of life and therefore important in my work.  Being aware that nature carries duality
I aim to find a balance in my work between: roughness, purity, movement, stillness, tension and relaxation.